Bittersweet Transitions

Today was my last day at work. I have been with my company for almost exactly six years, and in my department for about five and a half of those years. When I first started, I knew absolutely nothing about what our company does- in ANY department- and really my only qualification was that I had a bachelor’s degree in a science field. Today I walk away with a depth of knowledge in an industry and a product that I never had given a single thought before jumping into it. I don’t know if this knowledge will be useful to me at any point in my future, but the leadership experience and interpersonal skills that I have gained along the way will certainly be beneficial.

While there was plenty of everyday BS and always some fire that needed to be put out somewhere (and a part of me is screaming GOOD RIDDANCE! and dancing a jig in celebration of never having to go back there), in general I didn’t mind my job. The people made coming in every day worthwhile, despite my generally antisocial nature. I’ve made some lifelong friends here and even found a select few who I truly consider to be family. We’ve gone out for drinks, done crazy food challenges, gone on hikes, done mud runs, shared grief, gone horseback riding, gone to concerts, traveled out of state, attended festivals, shared recipes, talked endlessly over hundreds of cups of coffee (or tea!), devoured books, even jumped out of an airplane together. If you guys (and gals!) are reading this, know that I truly will miss you and hope that we can get together when I get back.

There is definitely a bit of anxiety associated with leaving my decently-paying job with a 401k match and full benefits… I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do for money after the trail. I am not worried, per se, that is not the right word, but there is some kind of confused feeling that is very unsure of that aspect of my future. I just recently got completely out of debt for the first time in my adult life (no school loans, no car payment, no mortgage, nothing) and yet I’m choosing to become an unemployed vagrant for a minimum of five months… Doesn’t sound like the best move, but this is something that I HAVE to do.

My soul has been craving this adventure. I’ll find another job and another way to make money. In the meantime, the trail will provide.

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