No Turning Back Now

Even though I have been actively planning for this trip since last summer and dreaming about it for many years, it still hasn’t seemed real. It hasn’t felt like it was ACTUALLY going to happen, let alone that I would be participating instead of planning or watching or otherwise following along. Until now.

I am sitting on an airplane waiting for my delayed flight to start moving so I can follow a botched reroute of my original itinerary, landing me in San Diego 5 hours later than planned but at least I will still get there today. It is rainy and gray here, a typical mid-spring morning in Ohio. I am looking forward to sun and dryness of California, though I may soon eat my words.

Last minute plans came together simply enough. My wonderful ladies surprised me with a cake at our fundraiser and a card full of well-wishes, making me feel very loved. I got to spend time with friends and family, even had a last doggie play date for Ember. The goodbyes, especially this morning, were difficult to say the least.

At this point I am just taking things as they come. I have planned all that I could plan and the universe is already knocking things around a bit! I will be staying with renowned trail angels Scout and Frodo tonight with 23 other hikers. I hope I will have time to go to a post office and get a few last-minute items (like fuel for my camp stove and a lighter since I can’t fly with those).

In the meantime, I’m migrating from airport to jet plane and back again looking like MC Hammer in my wind pants, nothing but my phone and a water bottle to keep track of, blogging to all of you. You thought this was going to be EXCITING, didn’t you?? Almost there…


  1. You’re on your way, Gretchen!! Will be thinking of that first step you take on the PCT, & then counting down 🙂 Enjoying your posts so much! Be safe! Hugs!!


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