Day 20- Zero in Big Bear

Staying at the Big Bear Hostel was a great choice. I took a full day off today and was able to heal a bit and charge my batteries, literally and figuratively. I was up early and got to see off most of the people I knew as they headed back to the trail. I made myself some breakfast and tea, curled up on a couch in my sleeping bag and waited to see what the day would bring.

At some point in the morning, Julia/Songbird wanted to explore town for food so we went out. We found a fun little zen shop with crystals and Buddhas and incense and found lots of fun little things that we liked but didn’t want to carry. We got rosewood bead bracelets and chatted with the shop owner who gave us samples of incense to “help with the smell”, haha!

We continued exploring town, admiring the little galleries and shops. We found a little vegan-friendly cafe and were blown away by the fresh options. I got a charcoal latte and we chatted while listening to the Lindsey Stirling videos playing in the shop. We shared some avocado toast and got amazing fruit and sorbet bowls. This kind of food is what you crave on trail- fresh things are hard to pack out but are so nutritious and your body knows what it needs.

We took some time to call loved ones and I walked to the grocery store about 2 miles away from the hostel. Resupplying in a store is stressful, trying to figure out how much food you need for a certain amount of days and how to have variety and make it actually fit in your pack. Walking back to the hostel was a bit tougher with all the food. A bank sign said it was 36 degrees as the sun started to go down, and the mountains outside of town shone in the evening light.

I meticulously repackaged my food and struggled to fit everything into my pack. I cooked up a pot of rice, black beans and corn which I then dumped over spinach for Julia and myself. Most of the other hikers had already eaten but looked pretty jealous of our meal. Someone put FaceOff in the VCR and our mix of international and American hikers had fun laughing at some of the lines and explaining ideas and American-isms.

I was in bed later than planned for my early departure in the morning, but hopefully all will work out. I am looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow and seeing how I feel and what the trail has in store for me.

Miles: 4 (to the grocery store and back)

Trail magic: 1 (nontraditional)

Hiked with- n/a

Camped with- Julia, Bee, Ally, Christina, Meatbag, FastTrack, Laurent, Sarah, Andy, and everyone else at the hostel


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