Day 25- Silverwood Lake

I didn’t write anything on this day, so this entry is pretty short and nondescript- sorry!

Gryllz and I were up and on the trail early, continuing the ridge walk back up into the mountains and then down to civilization. We took a snack/shade break under a low bridge crossing a scummy stream, then walked past a water treatment facility and found giant pieces of pipe which we assumed were the same as those used in the LA Aqueduct, which we will eventually be hiking on later in our journey.

After a short road walk, the trail turned and began climbing a steep, hot, dusty hill that made us suddenly feel suffocated by the heat and exertion. I had the all-too-familiar “why the hell am I doing this?” thought, followed by more “This trail sucks, screw this.” Just as we thought we would collapse, we came over a rise and were greeted with the most incredible sight.

Silverwood Lake lay sprawling in front of us, shimmering in the midday sun and looking oh-so-inviting. We blinked in disbelief before jumping for joy and reiterating the widely-accepted thought that “the trail provides.” It was one more mile of dusty trudging before we could access the lake but it was totally worth it.

We hiked to a “boat-in only” picnic area with no road access, so it was only hikers. We met up with Fortune Cookie, Monkey and the rest of their group here and ate lunch, rinsed our clothing, and some of us even jumped in and swam in the chilly water.

We waited out the midday heat lounging by the lake before eventually moving on. We hiked nearly until sunset before choosing a nice stealth camp site near Fortune Cookie, Dad Jokes and others. Another great day!

Miles: 18.2

Hiked with: Gryllz

Camped with: Gryllz

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