Day 33- A pool?!

Bandaid and I were on trail by 5am, before anyone else was even moving. It got hot quickly and we pushed hard to get to the next water source before the real heat of the day set in. We got to a small creek and practically jumped in. We spashed our faces, arms, legs, whatever we could with the cool water, even rinsing the salt from our sun gloves and hiking shirts. We sat in a tiny corner of shade, enjoying the reprieve from the hot sun. We saw Tuts and Fortune Cookie pass, then decided that we should push on and get to the Acton KOA, where we could order pizza for lunch and get cold drinks.

Along the way, we found a beautiful snake-like creature. I picked it up and it was unlike any snake I had ever seen. We later discovered that this was a legless lizard! It was calm in our hands and shimmered in the sun as it wiggled.

It was almost unbearably hot by the time we got to the turn-off for the KOA. There was a short road walk to get to the entrance and I felt like I was going to get heat stroke with our goal in sight. Finally we walked down the driveway, threw our packs on the ground and walked into the cool lobby.

Signed in to the trail register at the KOA

We immediately bought cold drinks and day-use passes for the campground, which would allow us to get a shower and use the pool. We ordered a whole large pizza each along with a huge salad and shared an entire pint of vegan ice cream while we waited for it to show up.

Downsize and Techno Gazelle hiked in and we caught up with them while we ate our pizza. We also met a hiker in his 60s named Medicine Man and heard his story. Apparently Medicine Man had had a heart attack a number of years ago that actually killed him, but they were able to revive him. There was significant heart muscle death and doctors didn’t think he would survive, but he made a fantastic recovery. He looks at it as a second chance and is taking advantage of it by hiking the trail.

We migrated out to the pool area where we joined Fortune Cookie, Logi, Future Problems, Kim and Trash Monkey. Soon Jailbreak also showed up, limping painfully. His IT band is so tight that it is causing major knee pain. Bandaid and I showed him some stretches that should help and Medicine Man gave him a cream to massage into it. After some deliberation, Bandaid and I decided to just camp at the KOA and hike out in the morning. Jailbreak decided to stay as well and hoped his knee would relax enough to hike out in the morning with us.

Miles: 13.3

Trail magic: 0

Hiked with: Bandaid

Camped with: Bandaid, Jailbreak, Downsize, Techno Gazelle, Adam, Medicine Man, others at the KOA


  1. Dear Gretchen so happy to read this blog and am always checking in for updates LOL. I think that cowboy sleeping with bats flying above you would be pretty awesome as well as the natural hot water pools, just to name a couple tho. Happy Trails Scribe. Rest well. Sending you hugs

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  2. Do you mean to tell me that dry heat IS really hot? Lol… So what were the “feels like” temps.?
    I’m always anxious to hear of your latest success and experiences!
    Jim says, “She’s got this!
    About 1/3 of the way through!”
    And Jim is of few words…

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