Day 35- Zero in Hiker Heaven

I honestly don’t remember much about this day other than our crazy trip into LA County. I grabbed some nicer-looking loaner clothes since my clothes were in the laundry. It was amazing how much better you feel with nice clean clothes on!

Loaner clothes! They even have a sewing station to repair clothing and gear at Hiker Heaven!
“Tent city” in the Saufley’s backyard

Bandaid, Jailbreak, Captain Hook and I got an Uber to pick us up at Hiker Heaven and dropped us off at REI. I got new shorts (two sizes smaller than my usual size!), some snacks and NEW SHOES!!

I am super excited about the new shoes. I loved my Xero Shoes, but it seriously felt like I was walking on Legos all day every day since they have no cushion. They were starting to come apart between the sole and the upper and the interior was breaking down, but the tread still looked like new. I will miss these and definitely get another pair for “normal” life. I opted for Altra Lone Peaks, the most popular shoe on trail. Hopefully my feet can adapt to them on the fly- they don’t have much choice!

Where shoes go to die. This is the discarded shoe pile at Hiker Heaven- after 454 miles of desert tromping, a lot of hikers replace their shoes!

We got a massive amount of delicious sushi, then Jailbreak and Captain Hook went to Walmart to resupply while Bandaid and I wandered around the shopping complex since we had mailed ourselves our resupply. We meandered into a TJMaxx and went straight to the gourmet food aisle which I have found to have a decent selection of calorie-dense hiker snacks. We were not disappointed and spent way too much money on some super fancy jealousy-inducing snacks.

We got an Uber back to Hiker Heaven, made dinner from free-for-all leftovers in the fridge and hiker box food, then crashed out with the yurt to ourselves since Downsize and Techno Gazelle had hiked on today.

Cooking dinner from random scraps while wearing loaner clothes!

Zero days go by so quickly and I don’t even know how.

Miles: 0

Trail magic: 0

Hiked with: n/a

Camped with: Bandaid, Jailbreak


  1. That’s some fitness program you’re on! I hope you carry the old shoes until your next stop! Just in case your feet protest! Have fun!


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