Day 36- Night hiking

We were finally getting some real desert heat, so we didn’t leave Hiker Heaven until late afternoon. In the meantime, we prepared.

Just a few of the hiker boxes of discarded items, free for any hiker who may need them
I got an undercut! SO much better for the desert heat!!

We cut our hair, we mailed packages, and we watched The Fifth Element in the trailer while organizing our packs resupply.

A fellow hiker entertaining us by the chicken coop

Eventually we headed out of town, road walking for a while before actually dipping off into our typical wilderness. I left town with Bandaid, Jailbreak, Dad Jokes, Siren and Pep Talks.

Jailbreak and Dad Jokes road walking out of Agua Dulce. Look at the difference in packs!

We had to climb up out of town, under buzzing power lines back into the desert.

The sun set over the hills and Dad Jokes and I pulled ahead of the rest of the group as we continued up switchback after switchback. We heard some wild noises that sounded like large cats fighting- maybe young mountain lions fighting for territory? It was a bit unnerving to hear just as it was getting dark when we still had hours of hiking to do.

The moon lit up the trail enough to hike without needing our headlamps, but we were hoping to see some critters so we used them anyway. We were not disappointed!

Eventually we got a dirt road and I realized how long it had been since I had seen Jailbreak and Bandaid. I decided to wait for them and Dad Jokes continued on. Siren and Pep Talks passed as well and hiked on. I sat down and waited. It was cold and I was damp with sweat. I wrapped myself in my foam mat, shivering in the dark.

One headlamp came over the rise- finally! Jailbreak walked up and set down his pack but Bandaid was nowhere to be seen. Apparently his knee was hurting so he had decided that he couldn’t go on and had stopped to camp about a quarter of a mile back. He said he could go back to Hiker Heaven in the morning if it still hurt or would catch up if not. Jailbreak and I rolled out our sleeping bags and cowboy camped right next to the dirt road, barely off of the trail. The critters from earlier were hovering in the back of my mind as I laid down to sleep with nothing between myself and the creepy crawlies of nature, but the twinkling stars overhead helped overpower any anxiety about things with too many legs.

Miles: 7.8

Trail magic: 0

Hiked with: Bandaid, Jailbreak, Dad Jokes, Siren, Pep Talks

Camped with: Jailbreak


  1. Uh huh…I’d be concerned about the creepy crawlers…or a snake looking to cozy up for the night. Nice hair!
    Are you still carrying a 30# ish backpack?


    • Now that I am in the Sierras, it is significantly heavier. I have warmer clothes, microspikes, an ice axe, a bear canister and 7+ days of food. I haven’t weighed it but it is definitely more than it was in the desert.


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