Day 38- Casa de Luna

We were startled awake by a loud shrieking overhead. A crow had decided to perch in the tree above us and act as our alarm clock without an off switch. Have I mentioned how the crows out here are more like ravens? Enormous, incredibly loud, and EVERYWHERE. We packed up and went down to the house, driven by the promise of all-you-can-eat pancakes.

We scarfed down way too many fluffy, syrupy pancakes and then realized too late that it was already getting hot. We decided to wait out the heat and leave in the evening. The guys relaxed on the couches for most of the morning.

Casa de Luna has a tradition of hikers painting rocks and placing them on the property. There is a big painting station and hundreds of works of art all over the property. Check these out SWL!

Mayor Max from Idyllwild!

There was also nail polish available so I painted my toe nails. Bandaid decided he wanted fancy toes too so I painted his nails to match. A lot of guys on the trail have crazy nail polish- why not?

We lounged in hammocks and tried to escape the heat unsuccessfully. We stayed for dinner (again) and danced in exchange for a PCT class of 2019 bandanna. We got a ride from Terrie back to the trail and got moving, slowly. We climbed a big hill and stopped at a dirt road where we could see for miles. We set up camp with Eva and another German hiker and quickly fell asleep, planning to get up early and beat the heat.

Miles: 1.6

Trail magic: 0

Hiked with: Bandaid, Jailbreak

Camped with: Bandaid, Jailbreak, Eva and another German hiker


  1. That was quite the rock painting station, Gretchen! Which rock was yours? 🙂
    So enjoying your blog! You’ve come a loooong way since your first post! Keep up the amazing work!


  2. Danced for a bandanna? What kind of dance?
    Gotta love freshly painted toenails! Let us know how long it holds up!


    • Each year, the PCT Class get a bandana with “PCT Class of 20XX” on it, as well as a map of the PCT. These bandanas get shipped to Casa de Luna, and Terrie makes us dance around to “earn” our bandana.


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