Day 41- Adult summer camp

It was a cool night and we all got great sleep. The plan was to hit the trail at 6am but we joked and puttered for an extra hour, enjoying the comfortable breezy morning. Jailbreak’s blisters are getting better but are still very tender so we went very slowly, taking the opportunity to really soak in our surroundings.

We have been incredibly lucky with our weather through this section and enjoyed low 70s and sunshine with a breeze. Walking through grassy wooded areas with plenty of shade was a beautiful, welcome change to the scrubby shadeless desert. Wanting to give Jailbreak’s feet a break, we stopped under a tree and sprawled on the trail.

Jailbreak took his shoes off and both Bandaid and I immediately exclaimed that it smelled like death. His poor feet are literally decomposing… welcome to trail life! We need to make sure we go slow enough to heal those feet before we get to the aqueduct since we need to do that all in one go.

We took many more breaks and channelled our inner 10-year-olds, throwing acorns at each other and joking around. The laid-back feel of the day and this child-like fun made today feel very much like adult summer camp.

Today’s word was “water”. Jailbreak eventually just gave up.

We got to our camp site around 6pm and had to bushwhack through a sharp spiky bush tunnel to find a good spot. We laid in the waning sun, laughing and swatting at the persistent black flies and mosquitoes. Tomorrow we will get to Hikertown and need to get showers, do laundry and buy more food since our slow pace has resulted in our having eaten a lot of what we had planned would get us to Tehachapi. I can’t wait to wash all the salt off- I am once again getting salt burns on my hips, my shirt is so stiff that it feels like it has been starched, and my back has a rash from where my pack traps the sweat against my skin. My tan lines are pretty remarkable at this point but usually you can’t tell the difference between tan and dirt.

Maybe I’ll get to be clean tomorrow.

Miles: 7.8

Hiked with: Bandaid, Jailbreak

Camped with: Bandaid, Jailbreak


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