Day 48- Back on trail

Some early morning swearing and threats warded off a Bandaid steamroller this morning, and we still all made it to breakfast before it ended. The couple from yesterday was already there and had more questions as our hiker hobble competed with our hiker hunger so early in the morning.

We were unmotivated to get the room cleaned up and hit the trail due to the quickly climbing temperatures outside. We opted for a late check out and I decided to wash my pack in the bathtub. Ever wondered what 500+ miles of sweat and grime looks like?

My pack before cleaning. Superior Wilderness Designs 40L.
Bandaid wanted a clean pack too. Both our packs soaking.
Well, that water is disgusting.

After a lazy morning followed by a lot of frantic packing, we rolled out of the hotel with clean packs and an armload of boxes to mail ahead. We tried to call our Uber friend but couldn’t connect so we got another ride to the post office. We mailed two boxes of random extra food and town items (like toiletries and the guys’ swim trunks) ahead to the next town and then had our driver take us back to Petra’s, the Mediterranean restaurant for lunch. We figured we would satisfy our hiker hunger while the afternoon heat raged and then hit the trail in the early evening.

We ate WAY more than we should have (but it was sooo good!!) then called our driver again. This time we connected and she was there in no time. While we were piling into her car, both Bandaid and Jailbreak realized that they were missing their trekking poles. They had left them in the back of the truck that took us to the post office. ALWAYS SECURE YOUR STUFF!!

They luckily were able to get ahold of the driver and get their poles back but we ended up getting on trail much later than planned. I had a headache and was feeling a little woozy, but really just wanted to lay down some miles. We started on the overpass and hiked along the trail as it followed for Highway 58 away from Tehachapi.

The trail passed a large apiary and being the curious, nosy thru hikers that we are, we stopped to check it out. It was strange to me to see such a thing nestled in the desert hills next to the highway, large tanks of water for the bees with no other water around. We continued hiking and I started to feel worse, like when you take medication on an empty stomach.

Itty bitty flowers- you can’t even see them unless you’re on the ground.

Bandaid fell behind. When he caught up, he described feeling the same way that I was. Was this the same thing? Did we have food poisoning? We all sat in the shade and discussed our options. I felt queasy and sitting down just made the world spin. I got back up and paced while Bandaid dry heaved in the dirt. Soon Jailbreak felt ill as well. We could turn back or push ahead and see what happened. If we had a terrible night, we could turn back in the morning. We decided to push on, get away from the highway, and camp at the first decent spot we could find.

We climbed up and away from the highway, feeling sick but having few options. We came around a turn and found a cluster of Joshua trees that had obviously been camped under, rocks and branches piled up to break the wind. We decided that this was as good a spot as any and Jailbreak and I wedged ourselves under the trees to cowboy camp while Bandaid set up his tent in the open area nearby.

The wind picked up as the sun went down and I was glad to be nestled between the tree trunks. By the time I was tucked into my warm sleeping bag, the wind was howling but my stomach was back to normal. We could see the wind turbines in the distance and a panoramic view from our campsite. I hope the guys feel better by morning- I have a feeling this section is going to be both challenging and picturesque.

Miles: 3

Trail magic: 0

Hiked with: Bandaid, Jailbreak

Camped with: Bandaid, Jailbreak

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