Day 51- In the moment

Last night we heard squirrels or raccoons or some sort of critter scurrying around our tents. I was nervous that something would try and chew through my tent to get at my food (which I store inside an odor-proof Opsack which is in a Dyneema bag for hanging, which I never do. The bag of yummies just sits in my tent while I sleep), so I made noise every time I heard scurrying to scare off whatever it was.

No one had any chewy issues, and we were hobbling out of camp at a reasonable hour. The terrain was beautiful, big trees and boulders all around us as the sunlight filtered through the canopy. My hopes were still up to see a bear or mountain lion, but they were still too elusive for me.

Soon we were out of the forest and back into rocky, scrubby desert, but it was somehow different. Our excitement for the Sierras was building- we had less than 100 miles to Kennedy Meadows, generally accepted as the gateway to the Sierra Nevada on the PCT. We were dreaming of plentiful water and cool, snowy peaks, but I really was loving this section of desert and happy to be in the moment.

Sappy tree

We camped next to a dirt road with a trailhead- Butterbredt Canyon Road. There were a number of campsites but it was a beautiful night so we all decided to cowboy camp in one site, sardine style. We laid awake for some time watching the stars and even saw an incredibly long, bright meteor. It is magical to be out here, so far away and yet so accessible, with some of the best people I have ever met, whose paths I never would have crossed if it weren’t for this trail.

Miles: 15.8

Hiked with: Jailbreak, Bandaid, some alone

Camped with: Jailbreak, Bandaid

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