Day 52- Reptiles and remarkable views

I didn’t write on this day. Sorry everyone. I can tell you that I thought it was absolutely beautiful, but you can decide for yourself.

We got some unexpected cell phone signal at a random dirt road crossing, where there was also some information about desert tortoises, which we did not see. We did, however, find a beautiful rosy boa and a rattlesnake.

Keeping our distance from a rattlesnake basking on the trail.

Such incredible views all day!

We were exhausted when we found a perfect camping spot in the trees with plenty of space just off of the trail. Jailbreak had fallen behind, so Bandaid and I made an executive decision to stay here instead of pushing on. When Jailbreak showed up, he dropped down into his spot of dirt and I don’t think he moved again until morning.

Miles: 17.5

Hiked with: Bandaid, Jailbreak

Camped with: Bandaid, Jailbreak

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