No, I didn’t get eaten by a bear or fall off a cliff. I didn’t drown in a swollen Sierra river or freeze to death (those rivers WERE crazy cold though). I am way past due for an update, and I have some big news if you’re interested, so just keep reading.

I don’t know if anyone is still subscribed to this page, but if you are here, let me express my deepest apologies for leaving you hanging and my sincerest gratitude for all your support. My PCT adventure last summer was absolutely incredible, and as you probably know by now, was cut short when I broke my foot partway through the Sierras. It was devastating to leave the trail but I didn’t have much choice.

I had planned to continue updating here, but due to all of my photo uploads, I had apparently run out of space allowed by WordPress. To continue to share my adventures, I have created a new website (paid, with lots of space for pictures!) but haven’t figured out how to manage subscriptions so that you can know when something new is posted. In the meantime, I will post here and send you over to that site whenever I update.

I had planned to return to the trail this summer and complete what I had started, but this global pandemic had other plans. Instead we have all been stuck at home, trying to keep ourselves busy, make ends meet and make sense of it all. For as long as I can remember, I have had a need to explore, and for many years I have wanted to live in an area with more wilderness, particularly mountains. Last year’s trail adventure, this quarantine, and seeing so many plans (including my own) be put on hold or cancelled altogether pushed me to finally just jump- I applied for dozens of jobs, sifted through apartment listings, talked to more moving companies than I would like to recall and packed my things.

It is official folks, I am moving to the Pacific Northwest.

Oh, and I leave in 2 days.

Keep an eye on my Instagram (@gbaileyonu) for pictures- I will share as much as I can along the way. It is going to be a wild ride!


  1. Congratulations Gretchen. Best wishes on the relocation. We’re probably a bit south, but if you need a stopover on the way out let me know. We’re just about an hour west of Tulsa.


    David G. Basile

    US Coast Guard Aux

    Ninth District ER

    092-07-16 FSO-CS

    USCGC Morro Bay (WTGB-106)


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